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brandon + ashley

With the abundant amount of rain south Alabama has had this summer Adam and I have been so fortunate to have just enough breaks in between storms to photograph several amazing weddings. This one was no exception and something really magical happened during this beautiful September day!

^^ A little practice time before the ceremony. ^^

Right before the ceremony started I was inside the house with Bride and Dad and was shocked when I looked out onto the beach to see the beautiful white sand beaches south Alabama is known for were blanketed in black about 30 yards from the ceremony sight. SEAGULLS! Thousands of them waiting patiently for a bride in a white dress to walk down the aisle. Ashley and Dad head outside and I take a deep breathe hoping those birds stay put.

So the magical moment I talked about before happened here!! Instead of the birds ruining a special moment for Ashley and Brandon they added to the moment by flying off at the perfect time! Bride and Groom kiss and turn to walk back down the aisle. The crowd cheers.

The birds take off and fly right behind the ceremony sight and somewhat encircle the area we are all standing in. Ashley spots the birds on the steps of the house for the first time.

A very special moment to help them remember their very special day!

^^^ Little boys being gentleman melts my heart!! ^^^

Congratulations Ashley and Brandon! Adam and I were so honored to be a part of your special day!

Until next time,

A + J





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